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    محميات طبيعية

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    Mujib Nature Reserve

    Established in 1987. Located at the Dead Sea area (400m) below sea level and extents to Kerak and Madaba Mountain (900m) above sea level. According to the variations in the elevation which is a bout 1300-m, and permanent water flow all the year of seven wadis this creates a magnificent bio-diversity which represent typical habitat for the endemic species of plants and animals. The sand stone cliffs represents the most typical habitat for one of the most beautiful mountain goats is the Ibex, which their numbers declined in the nature because of illegal hunting. In order to save this animal from extinction the RSCN established a captive-breeding programme for Ibex in the reserve. Many carnivores inhabit the various vegetation zones in Mujib. The Caracal, a medium sized cat with black and white ear-tufts, lives in rocky wadis. It is a powerful and agile hunter with great jumping power, known to catch flying birds in its paws.

    Hiking Trails and Tours:

    There are hiking trails suitable everybody:

    Easy Trails:

    Go! Below Sea Level Trail:
    This trail is open in numbers, it starts from the Mujib Gorge at the Mujib Bridge, hiking and swimming for about 1 - 3 hours. The hike continues till reaching the big waterfall where the visitors will be heading back to the starting point. The reserve's guide escorts this hike when needed.
    The Ibex Trail:
    Hikers of this trail can enjoy the Ibex enclosures at the Mujib gorgeous mountains. 2 km from the Mujib Bridge starts this trail, then heading to the gorge. Visitors are guided to the Rayyashi Area where one can view some historical monuments. This 2-3 hours hike is ended at the Ibex enclosures where a full explanation about Ibex project is given. Maximum 25 persons & minimum 5 persons can enjoy hiking at this trail. In addition, only 6 groups are allowed to hike there a week.

    Moderate Trails:
    ** The Eagle Nest Trail:
    We only allow 6 groups a week, maximum 25 persons per group. The trail starts from the Mujib Bridge area by the Dead Sea, then inside the reserve through the Wadi system until reaching the Mujib Gorge. After that, hiking in the Mujib River up to the Malaqi Area where visitors will enjoy swimming in the natural swimming pools then back to Mujib Bridge. The Reserve's guide always accompanies this hike. It takes around 5 - 6 hours. Also we can provide anyone who can't swim with a live jacket.

    Hard Trails:
    ** The Lost Trail to the Dead Sea:
    Like the circuit trail, we only allow 6 groups a week to visit this trail, maximum 25 & minimum 5 persons per group. It begins from the upper part of the area at Faqu'a (a small village at the Kings' Highway), and then one goes through the fascinating Wadi system until reaching the Malaqi Area of the swimming pools. The voyage continues then in the Mujib Gorge to the Mujib Bridge. This hard hike usually takes 8-9 hours of exciting hard hike. It might include swimming. (Up to 35 years old)

    Mujib campsite

    Nature talk around eco- friendly wilderness campsite fire sitting under stars and near the marvelous Dead Sea - the saltiest lowest point on earth.
    Camping is not permitted outside of this area. The carrying capacity of the camp is 12 persons per day. Visitors will walk up to the camping area and our car will carry their luggage.
    The campsite contains 3 large tents, a bathroom, and barbecue grills for visitor use. Visitors are asked to bring their own sleeping bags and drinking water. Mujib is a rough, hot area and the walk is called adventure walk because it contains swimming and hiking for long hours we ask our visitors to be ready for such a trip.

    Ajloun Nature Reserve

    13 square km. located in the Ajloun Highlands, consists of Mediterranean hill country, dominated by open woodlands of Oak and Pistachio. It represents the last remains of evergreen Oak forests in Jordan and supports wide range of plants and animals biodiversity. Bird life International declared it as an important bird area. In fact, the site supports wide range of globally and regionally important species. A captive-breeding program for the Roe Deer was initiated.
    The rich greenery of Ajloun has made it a popular spot for picnickers and hikers.
    Hiking Trails:

    Easy Trails:
    Scenic Viewpoint Trail: this 1-2 hours, 2 km short trail leads from the campsite to the summit of a nearby hill overlooking the reserve. The area surrounding the trail is rich in wildflowers in the springtime. The summit is covered with many rocks, and you can scramble around to find the best view. It’s an excellent spot for a picnic. Not far from the campsite you will find an old stone wine press. The return trip goes through an oak forest, past a gate, down a dirt path, and back up to the visitor’s center.
    Moderate Trails:
    Village Overlook Trail: this 4-5 hours, 8 km trail passes through thick oak woodlands, forming a round trip loop from the campsite. It leads away from the campsite along the rim of a scenic wadi Orjan to large three clearings with scattered rocks. From these clearings, you can see the villages of Sinar, Ras Muneef, Ajloun Castle, Mar Elias area, and Eshtafeena). Follow this trail along a scenic ridge, and you will soon gain a view of the village of Rassoon below. The trail continues around to the other side of the hill and back up to the visitor’s center.

    Dana Nature Reserve

    Dana Nature Reserve is a system of Wadis and mountains that extend from the top of the Rift Valley down to the desert lowlands of Wadi Araba. Dana is truly a world of natural treasures. Visitors to Dana can experience the beauty of Rummana mountain, the mystery of the ancient archaeological ruins of Feinan, the timeless tranquility of Dana Village, and the grandeur of the red and white sandstone cliffs of Wadi Dana.

    Dana is a large reserve (310 square km.), established as a protected area in 1989. It contains a remarkable diversity of landscapes, ranging from wooded highlands and rocky slopes to gravel plains and sand dunes. It supports a wide variety of wildlife, including many rare species of plants and animals.

    Dana Village:

    The Dana village area, over looking the scenic Wadi Dana, has been occupied since about 4000 BC. Archeological evidence indicates that the fertile soil, water springs and the strategic location of the village have drawn big civilization to control it.

    Even though this village was nearly abandoned by its families to the nearby village of Qadissiya, in search of better jobs, schools and housing. Today, the village is coming back to life with color and vitality, the people of Dana have rebuilt many of their traditional stone houses with the help of the (friends of Dana). This group of women from Amman raised enough money to restore 65 homes and built a new mosque for the village.

    Through RSCN Wadi Dana project, the villagers have also restored their beautiful terrace gardens and are producing traditional handcrafts and jewelry for sale.

    Dana Guest House:

    Perched on the edge of Wadi Dana, this beautifully styled building offers breathtaking views of the reserve, comfortable rooms, traditional Arabic food, and friendly service. It contains nine bedrooms accommodating 23 persons on beds, most with private terraces, as well as facilities for courses and conferences

    Feinan Lodge in Dana:

    Set among the arid mountains of Wadi Feinan, on the border of Dana Nature Reserve, the eco- friendly Feinan lodge will provide a cool atmospheric retreat for eco-tourists wishing to explore this under discovered, archaeological rich area of Jordan.

    Rummana Campsite in Dana:

    Camping is not permitted outside of this area. The carrying capacity of the camp is 60 persons per day and 75 persons for a daily visit. The campsite is open for visitors from March 15th to November 15th. Visitors should leave their cars at the Tower Entrance. A shuttle bus will provide transportation to and from the campsite at one-hour intervals.

    The campsite contains 20 large tents, bathrooms, and barbecue grills for visitor use. Each tent comes fully equipped. Drinking water is available; gas cookers may be rented and catering services can be provided.

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